Modified yeast extract mannitol agar
Agar: 15.0 g
Mannitol: 2.0 g
CaCO3: 4.0 g
K2HPO4: 0.5 g
Yeast extract: 0.4 g
MgSO4 • 7H2O: 0.2 g
NaCl: 0.1 g
Distilled water: 1.0 L

Adjust pH to 6.8-7.2
Autoclave at 121°C for 15 min. Omit CaCO3 if a clear solution is needed.

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Staff members
  • Professor Olga Turkovskaya, D. Sc. (Biol.), Head of Collection
  • Ekaterina Dubrovskaya, Ph.D. (Biol.), Curator
  • Anna Muratova, D. Sc. (Biol.), Bacteriologist
  • Sergey Golubev, Ph.D. (Biol.), Bacteriologist
  • Anastasia Bondarenkova, Ph.D. (Biol.), Bacteriologist